Our Mission Statement

AHA Ltd. has been involved in the design and development of modern buoyant aircraft for several decades, in four countries.  Now we are focusing on the manufacturing of the Patroller 3 hybrid aircraft.  With its long endurance capability (3 day/night), this aircraft is ideal for manned missions such as patrol and surveillance of borders and coastlines.

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Patroller 3 Hybrid Buoyant Aircraft

This modern buoyant hybrid aircraft provides unparalleled performance. It may be used for a variety of patrol and surveillance operational roles…


Technical Information

This website is devoted primarily to the AHA Patroller 3 hybrid buoyant aircraft and its variants. This aircraft (abbreviated P3) is a modern design…


Performance Charts

These four charts were prepared for the Light Utility XR variant, and are equally applicable to the P3, since the configuration is nearly identical.