This modern buoyant hybrid aircraft provides unparalleled performance. It may be used for a variety of patrol and surveillance operational roles, with a nominal crew of five (5) and a nominal endurance of three (3) days.

A comfortable and roomy cabin is provided for the crew, including work stations, bunks (2) and a toilet at the rear.

The P3 is intended for civil operators (Coastguard, Border Patrol, etc).

Whilst the P3 offers the capability for patrol and surveillance, it also allows for close-in-interdiction where needed, due to its ability to loiter at low and higher altitudes, and its ability to Dash at >70 knots in pursuit of a ground or sea-borne suspect vehicle or boat. Intercept-and-Identify roles are expected to be made much more effective than with other means.

P3 operating costs will be a fraction of those for helicopters and for the well known maritime patrol aircraft.