Task Description Price US$ Comments
P3a Basic P3 fitted with the Eq1 surveillance installation 1.8m Alternatives and options may be fitted as required
P3b Basic P3 fitted with the Eq2 surveillance installation 1.8m + 30% Eq2 30% Add on for installation and implementation
Eq1 Single seated workstation with provision for two active monitors; Nightsun, Wescam optical unit, Raytheon radar system No cost This is the basic Patroller 3 aircraft
Eq2 Client specified hardware and systems, supplied ready to install in P3 aircraft Client’s cost only + 30% This is the P3 adapted for the client
Eq3 Client specified systems requirements to be sourced and installed by AHA Ltd. Cost to be estimated by AHA This is the P3 adapted for the client with AHA Ltd. providing services
Consulting Engineering work carried out by Parallel Engineering Services (PES) on behalf of AHA Ltd. $125/hr PES provides services related to structural and system integration